Scott_Bowles_25Scott Bowles B.Sc. (pharm)

Scott Bowles graduated from the University of Manitoba Faculty of Pharmacy in 2009. He is originally from Swan River, Manitoba where he began working as a pharmacy student when he was 19 years old. Admired by the service model in a small community, he has adopted this practice throughout his years in Winnipeg. Scott began his career in 2009 as a floater pharmacist with Canada Safeway. In 2010 he joined Broadway Pharmacy where he developed clinical pharmacy service programs that are currently used to support agencies such as the St. Amant Community Residential Program, Arcane Horizon, and Winnipeg Child and Family Services.  In 2013 Scott worked with architects to head the design of the pharmacy and clinic which is now Marion Pharmacy and Family Care Medical Center.  On November 4, 2013 he opened Marion Pharmacy as Pharmacy Manager.  Scott’s practice focus is primarily in psychiatry, hypertension, and diabetes.  He continues to use clinical service programs he developed at Broadway Pharmacy to provide pharmacy services to agencies supported by Marion Pharmacy





1 Plus One_Leila Pharm_Colin  - 13721 PROOFColin Langedock B.Sc. (pharm)

Colin graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (Dean’s Honor List) from the University of Manitoba in 2010. He also has as a Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry) from the University of Winnipeg. Colin spent his first four years as a Pharmacist with Leila Pharmacy and during his time there was promoted to pharmacy manager in January 2014 before moving to Marion Pharmacy. Colin’s practice focus is mainly on geriatric pharmacy. His interest in geriatric care developed after many of his earlier years were spent volunteering at an elderly care home.  Colin’s interests also largely lie in anticoagulation management and diabetes care and he prides himself on assisting his patients in these two challenging domains among others.  Colin is certified to administer drugs and vaccines by injection. He has been actively involved in organizing and hosting flu shot clinics since 2012 in Winnipeg and began administered the flu vaccine himself at immunization clinics in 2014. Colin’s future plans include attaining certification as a Certified Diabetes Educator. Colin is bilingual and fluent in French and believes that this will help him serve his patients well now that he is practicing in St. Boniface.


Luigi_web_25Luigi Mingo B.Sc. (pharm)

Luigi Mingo graduated from the University of Manitoba Faculty of Pharmacy in 1979. He started his pharmacy career as a student working for the Health Sciences Center Pharmacy.  He began practicing with the Metro Drugs Chain. Within 9 months he was promoted to Manager of a new location in the Maples.  In 1982 Luigi was recruited for a manager position at Canada Safeway. He spent 25 years managing the Safeway Pharmacy in St. Boniface where he developed close professional relationships with his clients in the area.  After Safeway he started his association with independent pharmacies; the first being Prana Pharmacy in Transcona, and now back in St. Boniface with Marion Pharmacy.  He is looking forward to renewing old acquaintances and developing new ones as he continues to practice pharmacy.