Allied Health Services


Marion Pharmacy works collaboratively with other healthcare professionals to provide patient-centered healthcare.  As our client, patients have the opportunity to receive other services to optimize their health and well-being.  Some of these services include free dietician consultations, free referrals to physicians at Family Care Medical Center, and nurse practitioner consultation and services.

  • Dietician Consultation

Consultations with our very own licensed dietician are available to our customers at no charge and can be arranged by calling the pharmacy to schedule an appointment.

  • Family Care Medical Centre (located onsite within the same building as Marion Pharmacy, 191 Marion St.)

Marion Pharmacy is situated adjacent to a medical clinic. Family Care Medical Centre is a medical facility with 3 family physicians who accept walk-in patients. The physicians at the facility are currently accepting new patients.  Clients of Marion Pharmacy has the opportunity to receive free referrals to Family Care Medical Center to help solve drug-related problems or other medical issues that may arise. The contact information for Family Care Medical Center is listed below.  Please visit their website for more information on their clinic.

Phone number:  204-231-1724


  • Nurse Practitioner Consultation and Services

Nurse practitioner services are used when barriers to accessing immediate care exist. For example, if a patient does not have a family doctor or requires help for an urgent medical problem and can’t get in to see their doctor or go to a walk-in clinic. Services by the nurse practitioner include home visit assessments, ability to prescribe medications, ordering blood work, lab and diagnostic tests, and making referrals to specialists.   Depending on the situation, some of the nurse practitioner services are free of charge.  Contact our pharmacy to inquire more about this service and if the consultation by a nurse practitioner may be of benefit to you.